XoXo: In Case You Missed It…

I’ll be honest, I didn’t want this year’s Golden Globe Awards. It’s almost shameful since I consider myself something of an awards show enthusiast. But the tension and outpouring of protests in Hollywood building up over the past few months led me to believe that politics would dominate the evening as opposed to honoring all of the hardworking artists that brought us some fucking phenomenal movies and TV shows this past year.

Today, I woke up to the #Oprah2020 movement in full force. To be fair, she herself never said whether she would consider jumping into the political arena. After watching her acceptance speech of the Cecil B. Demille Award, it’s not hard to see why people would campaign for her.

Whether you think she’d make a great President or not, it’s worth watching for the #MondayMotivation factor alone.

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