XoXo: Justin Timberlake has a lot of…”Supplies.”

Justin Timberlake released the second single off his album “Man of the Woods” this week and I am…a little confused.

In a preview for his next album, Timberlake described the kind of maturity we could expect from him musically now that he is happily married and has a young son. Then, he released his first single “Filthy,” a raunchy dance-club song about staying out until 6 am. I thought, okay. It’s the first single. He just wants to lead with an upbeat track. I get it.

Now…we have “Supplies.”

What kind of supplies does he have exactly? He lists things like wood. Specifically, a wood that only he has. Ya know, the kind that can really light your fire? Also, he can be used as a generator. Because he’s, like, really hot.

A song like this along with Filthy wouldn’t seem so odd if he weren’t pushing that wilderness, earthy, dances with wolves vibe so hard in promoting the album. He actually served roasted ants and grasshoppers at a preview party for the record. Now, that is a man who is serious about the woods.

But, neither of these tracks have anything to do with that aesthetic other than that if you went camping you might enjoy his generator-like body heat. And his wood.

You’d think I would love any song that had so many Walking Dead references! Sadly, I can’t say that is the case. For the record, I adore Justin Timberlake and have been nothing but ecstatic ever since word of his new music got you.

Fingers still crossed for a killer Superbowl Half-Time Show though.

What do you think of this new “Man of the Woods” era so far?


Mary Jo

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