XoXo: Once Upon a Tinder…

Oh, romance in the year 2018. This Tinder tale begins as a guy, who we know as Hayden, was indulging in some carefree swiping and accidentally swiped Left (if you don’t Tinder, Left is a big NO), even though he totally wanted to swipe Right!

Luckily, he remembered that in the girl’s profile, her name is Claudia, it said she attended Missouri State University. So, my dude took matters into his own hands by looking up the MSU student e-mail list to find his Tinderella. And when I say find her, I mean he sent out a mass e-mail to every girl named Claudia on campus.

His epic love note went like this:

Is this the makings of a modern day fairy tale? Or grounds for a restraining order? And exactly how thin is the line between the two?

The true Tinder Claudia took to twitter to express her shock at the whole ordeal. If the profile picture fits, I guess. No update on whether or not she responded with a Left or Right.


Is this cute? Creepy? Or just the dating norm in 2018?


Mary Jo

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