XoXo: Tom + Leo = Forever

Sorry Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon, there is a new adorable celebrity friendship in town. It’s been two years since Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy co-starred in the Oscar dominating film “The Revenant,” and last week Tom finally solidified their bond from the film by putting Leo’s name in permanent ink on his arm. Yes, Tom Hardy now has a Leo DiCaprio tattoo.

You see, after the film was released Leo announced that he was so impressed by his co-star that it was certain Hardy would be nominated for an Oscar. Being the handsome and humble dude that he is, Hardy disagreed. This led the two to make a bet that if Hardy was not nominated then Leo would get a Hardy tattoo and vice versa.

Of course, come awards season Hardy was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Two years later, he has made good on that bet. Sadly, he didn’t get Leo’s face or anything like that but a simple text that says “Leo Knows All.”

It’s hard to make out from the fan grabbed image, but Hardy has confirmed the tattoos legitimacy. Officially making them my new favorite celebrity couple.

I’d like to personally thank this story for giving me a reason to google image search Tom Hardy’s tattoos for the past half hour.


Mary Jo

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