XoXo: “I stuck my finger right in its eye…”

The award for making my Monday a little brighter goes to a 29 year-old Maine man named Dustin Gray, who fought off a bear to save the life of his furry friend.

Gray and his 11 month-old pup Clover, pictured above, had pulled over to the side of the road and walked about 50 ft. into the woods so that Clover could go potty when the duo were reportedly attacked by a black bear.

Most people would have run or maybe even played dead to protect themselves, but not Dustin Gray. “I stuck it right in its eye,” he told a reporter. This allegedly surprised the creature enough to send it running back into the woods.

*a dramatization*

This incident is rare for the area since black bears hibernate and do not emerge from their dens until spring. Game Warden Shannon Fish confirmed that there were traces of a bear living in a small den where the attack occurred. “This does not happen, except in freak instances, and Monday was a freak instance,” she said. It also marks the first recorded instance of a human fighting off a bear in Maine since 2010.

Gray was treated for minor cuts and bruises and Clover is currently recovering from an open back wound at an emergency veterinary clinic.

It may have helped that Gray is a 6’5″ construction worker, but in any case poking a bear in the eyeball usually requires a giant…heart.


Mary Jo





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