Articles by Audrey Johnson

Inside the Studio with Justin Gaffrey Chapter Two

Justin Gaffrey is a sensitive, insightful, creative and successful SoWal artist. He also kills yellow flies with a blowtorch. He burns them to crisps, their burnt bits blending with colorful layers of dried acrylics texturizing the f... Read More

Relive Your Memories & Make New Ones at The Market Shops

The year was 1985. What’s Love Got to Do With It sung by Tina Turner won the Grammy for Record of the Year. Feathered bangs were a thing. So was Rave hairspray. It was the year The Market Shops opened, and my mom and oldest sister began making frequent trips to Tooley Street.

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Seaside is for Lovers

Beach lovers. Art lovers. Food lovers. Movie lovers. Architecture lovers. Welcome home. Seaside was made for you. Read More

Café Thirty-A is the Heart of Seagrove Beach

Café Thirty-A has played host to anniversary dinners, engagement parties, milestone birthdays and date nights.

The beloved restaurant, with its white tablecloth service, is known for accommodating those special memory-making moments that call for breaking bread together in style. But did you know that Café Thirty-A is also a happening spot for cocktails, good wine, small plates and dinner specials?

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Smiles are Free at The Art of Simple in Seaside

The Art of Simple is one of those special places that seems to have evolved right along with South Walton. Over time, the well-curated boutique has taken on one form or another, going from a shop to a gallery and back. Owners Michael... Read More

The Red Bar Celebrates 23 Years on Super Bowl Sunday

Once upon a time way back during the last century, destiny led Oliver Petit to the site of the Red Bar in the year 1990.

A cook by trade, Oli took a job at the building when it was the Bay Café, not knowing that it would become the place where legends never die. He traveled all the way from the faraway town of Fort Walton Beach - back when there were few signs of life between Destin and Grayton.

“When I got here I almost turned around,” Oli exclaimed.

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