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Woman, 15 cats escape home fire

FLOROSA — A woman and her 15 cats were burned out of their home early Tuesday morning.The Florosa Volunteer Fire Department responded to the home on Austin Court, where they found the woman in her front yard.She'd been sleeping in the room where a space heater ignited some items that were stored too close to it, according to Florosa Fire Chief Mark Lee.Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire quickly before it spread to other rooms. The fire did burn [...]

Empty Stocking Fund tops $100,000 goal

Although it's impossible to know which donation pushed the Empty Stocking Fund over its goal of $100,000, it seems almost certain that it came in on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.It might have been the $10 donation from a Fort Walton Beach man or the anonymous $1,000 donation made as a tribute to a Biblical verse. [...]

In the heart of Trump Country, his base’s faith is unshaken

Despite the president's dismal approval ratings and lethargic legislative achievements, he remains profoundly popular here in the Appalachian Mountains, a region so badly battered by the collapse of the coal industry it became the symbolic heart of Trump's white working-class base.

Obama to Prince Harry: Leaders must use care on social media

Former President Barack Obama told Prince Harry in an interview broadcast Wednesday that people in leadership roles must be careful in their use of social media and warned against spending too much time immersed in the internet at the expense of the world outside.

Speed limit increases on I-10 near scenic highway

The speed limit on Interstate 10, from Davis Highway (Exit 13) to the east end of the Escambia Bay Bridge in Escambia County, has increased from 60 mph to 70 mph. The change comes as the I-10/Scenic Highway widening project nears completion early next year. The speed limit will be reduced to 60 mph during routine lane closures to complete push-button items scheduled between 7 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. There are active work zones with reduced speeds to the east and west in [...]

Troopers: Florida boy killed as dad backs truck out driveway

BRONSON — Authorities say a Florida boy was run over by a pickup truck his father was backing out his driveway.In a Gainesville Sun report , Florida Highway Patrol troopers said 1-year-old Logan Holder struck in his driveway in Bronson on Sunday afternoon.Troopers said Logan's father was driving his truck in reverse out his driveway when the vehicle ran over his son.The boy was pronounced dead at a hospital.Troopers said their investigation was continuing [...]