A Fresh Look for the 30A Store in Seagrove

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The 30A Store in Seagrove Beach has always had a unique character. Not every retail store has a six-seater bar in the center.

“My favorite part the Seagrove store is the bar,” said Sierra Jerkins, general manager for all 30A stores. “It’s that shock and awe factor. People come in and say ‘it looks like you could serve drinks in here.’ Then we we say ‘oh yeah, we do,’ and the look on their face is priceless. We don’t have happy hour here at the beach. It starts when you wake up and we call it happy day.”

While the bar is clearly a mainstay, the rest of the store got a major renovation recently.

The 30A Store opened in May 2015 in Seagove Plaza. Since then, The 30A Company has opened stores in Pier Park and Gulf Place, and Jerkins wanted to bring the feel of the Seagrove location in line with the other stores’ designs.

“The feeling when you walk in, it’s light, it’s airy,” Jerkins said. “Our motto is ‘life shines,’ which is about simplifying, eliminating clutter and creating a light, airy, feel-good space.”

She also needed to make a more prominent spot for the company’s new 30A Dumpster Diver line, which is made of recycled plastic and features about 70 unique styles.

So, the 30A team got to work: laying down a new coat of crisp, light paint; simplifying the layout, replacing fixtures and revamping the store’s design.

Now it’s reopen and ready for business.

“I couldn’t be happier and I think the customers are really going to love it,” Jerkins said.

The 30A Store in Seagrove also features live music in the warmer months, with their spring concert series kicking off March 10. Keep an eye on our 30a.com/events calendar and The 30A Store Seagrove Facebook page for updates.

Check out this recent performance by Forrest Williams and Josh Fox in the plaza to get a taste:

And Geoff McBride at Seagrove: