Walton County Backtracks on Signs/Items Left On The Beach

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Legal Complaint Filed and Citation Protocols Suspended Related to Section 22-55 of Walton County Waterways and Beach Activities Ordinance

Walton County has recently been served with a lawsuit, and is anticipating another, challenging Ordinance 2016-16, which amended the Walton Code of Ordinances Chapter 22, Walton County Waterways and Beach Activities Ordinance.  The two lawsuits specifically challenge Section 22-55 regarding the prohibition of obstructions on the beach.

Beginning immediately, and upon the advice of legal counsel, Walton County Code Enforcement will refrain from issuing any citations for Section 22-55 of Walton County Ordinance 2016-16.  The suspension of Section 22-55 citations will continue for the foreseeable future, while legal complaints are considered by the court.

Walton County Code Enforcement will continue the enforcement of Section 22-54(g) as it pertains to all other items of personal property abandoned on the beach overnight.

While no citations will be written in regard to Section 22-55 in the near future, ongoing voluntary compliance has been both notable and impactful on beach safety, turtle nesting, beach appearance and general conditions.  It will continue to be the hope of Walton County that voluntary compliance with all sections of the ordinance will continue to ensure the safety of residents, visitors and emergency personnel who traverse Walton County’s beaches.



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