How To Reuse and Recycle: Tips From Our 30A Fans

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Photo by Flickr user Maxence.

Here at The 30A Company, we are are constantly seeking new ways to recycle and reduce human impact on the environment. Our Dumpster Diver clothing line, made of recycled plastic and recycled cotton, is our latest effort. If you haven’t seen them, learn more here.

At The 30A Company World Headquarters (a.k.a. the small office and warehouse space we cram into every day) we have a ban on disposable plastic bottles. Instead we had a water filter installed and use stainless steel reusable water bottles. (Find some great designs here!) We have also just begun using 100 percent recycled packaging to ship our orders from 30A Gear.

We know there’s so much more we all could be doing, so we reached out to our over 420,000 30A Facebook Fans and asked them to post their their best tips and tricks for recycling and reducing their environmental impact. We got a ton of great responses!

Here are some of our favorites:

“Brush [your] teeth in the shower” – Laura Owen Pattison

“We recycle cardboard for cat-scratching boards and poke holes in clean milk jug containers to use for watering our flowers.” – Tonia Elizabeth Grantham

“We have all of our bills emailed and pay them online. Cuts down on paper and junk mail.” – Ashlie Mars

“We recycle our wine and glass with a glass crusher and use it as landscape material. Beautiful!” – Joanie Jenkins

“We reuse empty food containers by making them into baby toys. A plastic container filler with popcorn kernels, sand, salt, etc., will keep the kiddos entertained for several minutes. Just hot glue the lid shut for safety.” – Michelle Maloney Farnham

“We use Milk jugs for bird feeders.” – Carol Smythia

Recycle materials to make your garden even more beautiful!
Recycle materials to make your garden even more beautiful!

“We take our plastic bags and batteries to Lowe’s or Walmart’s recycle stations. Recycle our electronics through Best Buy’s Geek Squad and use travel mugs instead of water bottles.” – Rhonda Brasher Bottoms

“Car pool.” – Suzy Copeland

“I’m always looking for ways to repurpose. No napkins, paper towels or plastic water bottles here either! Use washable linens that last and refill stainless. Also collect rainwater to water my plants and yard as I don’t have sprinklers.” – Jen Hart

“So much can be recycled! I’m currently using cardboard boxes and newspapers as weed blockers in my yard, then shredding those pesky magnolia leaves and using for mulch.” – Becky Burton Pritchard

“Two-liter soda bottles make great bird feeders. Use the bottles and feed the birds at the same time.” – Peggy Cruse

Riding your bike to work or around town saves gas!
Riding your bike to work or around town saves gas!

“We change our lightbulbs to ones that use less energy!” – Beth Couch

“We still recycle cans … some people think it’s too much trouble, but we just crush them and take them about every three months to recycle in Pensacola. We also love thrift stores, estate sales and yard sales. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!!” – Teresa Woolum

“If I have a plastic water bottle, I refill it and freeze it for my husband to use in his cooler when he goes fishing. It lasts longer than bagged ice and costs nothing.” – Amelia Holder

“We like to use recycled materials for our Christmas ornaments and Halloween decorations. Kids love it. There is so much you can make from candles to soaps, you name it.” – Stacey Svegliato

“Use glass bottles for water.” – Paul Horton

Thanks for your wonderful advice everyone! If you have any additional suggestions, please let us know at