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Walton County, Fla— Unlike photos on the popular “Snapchat” app, a former taxi cab driver going by the handle “TrashCab10” will not be able to make sexual battery charges disappear.

Justin Willet, 33, is charged with sexual battery on a victim 16-17 years of age by a person older than 24 after picking up a girl walking alone on the side of the road, giving her alcohol and drugs, and forcing her to perform oral sex on him.

On the night of June 18th Walton County Sheriff’s Office was informed of a sexual battery on a victim who was located at a Bay County Medical Facility. Investigators soon learned on the night of June 17th the teenager left her residence in Seacrest Beach at approximately midnight and was soon after approached by a man in a dark blue mini-van offering her a ride. The victim noticed an illuminated TAXI sign on the top of the vehicle, but told the driver she had no money.

The driver then told the victim:

“Wherever you need to go, a young girl like you doesn’t need to be walking alone” and on numerous occasions told the victim how “pretty” she was even though she identified herself as being in high school.

The driver identified as “Justin” by the victim proceeds to drive to Panama City Beach and then provides the victim with cigarettes, prescription drugs, alcohol, and marijuana. According to the victim “Justin” picks up a fare of a group of college students from Panama City Beach dropping them off at an unknown location. The victim then told investigators “Justin” then drove to a beach access across from her street in Seacrest.

The two walk down the beach access to the steps where “Justin” began trying to kiss and perform sexual acts on the victim. The victim then tries to back away and describes “Justin” as becoming agitated. He proceeds to open his shorts exposing himself to the victim and forcibly makes her perform oral sex on him. The victim describes the suspect as acting violent during the oral sex and when she was finished she told investigators she could barely walk because of the amount of medication, marijuana, and alcohol she consumed. “Justin” then left the victim at the beach access alone.

The victim described the suspect to investigators and a case was initiated and a search for the suspect began.

June 27th authorities compose a computer image of the suspect using the victim’s description.

August 10th the victim receives a “SnapChat” request from who she identifies as “Justin” with the handle “TrashCab10” and forwards the request to WCSO Investigators.

August 24th a subpoena reveals the suspects information as Justin Willet of Shady Oak Court in Panama City Beach, Florida.

“The suspect knowingly tracked down his victim after the incident occurred,” said Investigator Erik Sormrude. “That just shows his intentions for further wanting to take advantage of a 17-year-old girl.” 

Further investigation over the next several months uncovers details corroborating the victim’s story and confirming the suspect’s place of employment.

A warrant was signed in November by a Walton County Judge for Willet’s arrest.

November 16th Willet turned himself in and was booked on sexual battery charges and is currently being held on $75,000 bond.

“Had it not been for his predator like behavior we would never have had a break in this case,” said Sheriff Michael Adkinson of the SnapChat request. “He’s right where he belongs.”