8 Reasons Why You Should Wake Up Early at the Beach

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By Lindsey Rogers

Getting up early is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, if you want to get the most out of the warmer months at the beach, there are more than a few reasons to roll out of bed a little earlier. Take our word for it, it’s worth every minute.

Here are eight of our favorite reasons to get up early when you’re beachside:

1. The number one reason to get up early when you’re beachside is the sunrise!

Nothing can beat seeing the sun peek up over the horizon on the water. It makes you feel special, like you got a private show from Mother Nature. I always feel proud of myself that I got up in time to see the earth start it’s day.

Here are a few of our recent favorite sunrise moments:

Monday Morning MomentWatching the sun rise LIVE this morning! Our “Monday Morning Moment” is presented by 30A Cottages and Concierge.

Posted by 30A on Monday, October 24, 2016


Sunrise in 60 Secondssurely you can spare 60 seconds to enjoy a sunrise….

Posted by 30A on Thursday, November 10, 2016

2. Enjoy your coffee on the beach in near seclusion.

I can’t think of a happier feeling than sipping on coffee with the sand between my toes while listening to the waves crash. It’s even better if I’m the only one on the beach as far as I can see and can enjoy this time alone.

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Photo by Lindsey Rogers.

 3. Get to the beach early to claim your ideal spot.

While you might just have time to stop in the sand for a morning breather and caffeine boost, if you’re planning to spend the whole day in the sand, now’s the perfect time to claim your spot.

No one likes dragging your chairs and umbrellas through a crowd to try to find a place of your own. Set up your beach supplies early in the morning to assure you get a spot convenient to your beach access so you don’t have to walk so far.

(Or, if you snoozed one too many times, you can skip this process altogether and take another favorite route: reserve your chairs and they’ll do everything for you!)

4. Get your exercise in before it gets too hot.

If you want to burn off last night’s cocktails and don’t have access to a gym, a bike ride or run is the way to go. But as summer approaches and the temperature spikes, you’re going to want to get your exercise accomplished in the morning before the heat strikes.

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5. Beat the breakfast rush.

As a frequent Donut Hole customer, I can say there is nothing worse than waiting for a table when you’re craving some coffee and a sour cream doughnut.

An easy solution is to get to your favorite breakfast or coffee spot earlier and beat the lines. Plus, you’ll get the first pick at doughnuts and pastries so they don’t run out of your favorite.

6. Enjoy the bike path without having to dodge bikers or joggers.

In addition to beating the heat, you’ll also want to beat the crowd. Come 10 a.m. the 18-mile Timpoochee Trail bike path is full of people and there is nothing scarier than passing that one person who forgot how to ride a bike.

Enjoy the scenery in near seclusion for some early-morning unwinding time.

7. Avoid traffic and get your shopping done early.

In the high-traffic tourism months, beat the crowds by knocking out your shopping early. You’ll have a more enjoyable shopping experience with more parking spots to choose from and fewer checkout lines.

Plus, you won’t have to fight over the last tub of Caribbean Coconut Telanti Gelato. Yum!

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8. Make your day longer.

The earlier you wake up, the longer your day is. A longer day means more time to enjoy all the beach life has to offer!

Lindsey Rogers is a summer intern with The 30A Company.