Seacrest Wolf Preserve Video Washington County FL

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Seacrest Wolf Preserve, Inc. is a fully-fledged 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to wolf and wildlife conservation through education. Seacrest Wolf Preserve, Inc. goals are working to build bridges of greater understanding and respect for wolves in the natural world through our profound educational outreach programs. We are striving to create a greater awareness of this important keystone species and the contributions they make to the natural eco-systems they call home.

Located on “The Oaks Farm” in Washington County, Florida, the farm covers over 430 acres that is dedicated to the conservation of indigenous wildlife and the Flora and Fauna of Florida eco-systems. A haven for wildlife, the farm is dotted with spring-fed ponds and lakes and crisscrossed by nature trails. This setting provides a perfect environment for the incredible wild species that call Seacrest Wolf Preserve home. These wild species include the Gray wolf, British Columbian wolf, Arctic wolf and small species of Gray and Silver fox, Arctic fox, Skunks, Raccoons and Coyote.

By teaching tolerance and respect for these important wild species we hope to educate the public on the vital role these animals play within the natural world, and cultivate a passion to protect them in the wild. Currently the largest wolf preserve in the Southeastern United States, Seacrest is licensed by the State of Florida and the United States Department of Agriculture.


For information on visiting Seacrest Wolf Preserve, Inc. to experience the rare opportunities available please see our visiting us page or contact us at 850-773-2897 for further information.

Seacrest Wolf Preserve is a place humans and wolves connect in nature for educational purposes. The rare hands on wolf-human interaction are profound learning opportunities for humans to connect on a deeper level with wolves. We feel it is critically important to educate individuals on the sacred connectedness of all living entities and the significant roles that they play in the vital eco-systems of our county and our planet. Our goal is to raise the awareness of our visitors of the urgent needs of wolf conservation that have become extremely urgent because of the bleak future that wolves face in the lower 48.

The removal and delisting of wolves from the Endangered Species Act by Congress and further removal of laws that protect them from human abuse, persecution and death by the governors of the few states in the northeast and northwest where they are allowed to live, have given wolves a death sentence that will surely drive them to extinction if these agendas continue.

The federal delisting of the wolves by congress and removing them out from under the federal umbrella of protection of the Endangered Species Act has placed this important keystone species in extreme peril and set into play a destructive agenda that powerful entities have taken to the state levels where wolves are allowed to live in the lower 48.

There, the governors of these states, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming have joined the effort of these powerful entities to remove the remaining protection from America’s wild wolves. Seacrest Wolf Preserve, Inc. presents it’s wolf ambassadors as teaching tools to help humans understand this very tormented and misunderstood species by providing rare wolf-human interaction for it’s visitors.

Seacrest Wolf Preserve, Inc. is a place where wolves and humans connect in nature for educational purposes. It is our prayer that by providing these rare opportunities to visitors that their hearts will be inspired to join the effort to save America’s wolves and wild heritage.

Our passion is to foster greater understanding and respect for the natural world through education, helping to create awareness of the importance of wolves to our eco-systems and to dispel the myths that have been associated with these very important carnivores for far too long. We hope that you will join us in our efforts to keep the wild alive and become a voice to speak for those that cannot speak for themselves. By doing so, we can work together to preserve this diminishing species for future generations of Americans as we work together to become part of this great conservation effort. We are committed to being the voice that speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves.