Woodie Wagon Surf bookends

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This latest in the Home Décor Accessories grouping from Clint Eagar. This set is based upon the Acrylic on canvas painting ‘High Waves”. The painting catching the lifestyle of the Vintage Surf culture, with its wonderful theme and color palette.
This Vintage look comes through perfectly in this detailed set of bookends with palms trees, and Woodie with all its chrome and long board on the roof in the beach theme. Textured beach and greenery, the palms with depth of color is certainly nice addition to the collection.
Clint has started to create collections based upon his works of art. The idea here is for a customer who likes a particular work to be able to accessorize in the same room, with matching dimensional room Décor pieces and accents. Working hard to carry and interpret these subjects carefully into 3-D, from Wall art, is a challenge. You can see by the final product, it matches perfectly.
This idea is now under development, with many of Clint’s new designs, especially in the Coastal series where many home accents such as Photo frames, Bookends, Candlestick holders, Tea light holders, boxes, figurines, plaques, Bowls & Orbs and crosses, are part of the mix.
More creative products to come from Designer Clint Eagar.

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