Jon Ervin Joins YOLO Team as Marketing Director

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YOLO Board was founded ten years ago, upon artful paddle boards, and has now grown into a national lifestyle brand. In addition to wholesale, retail and rental fleets of YOLO paddleboards and YOLO bicycles, there are thoughtful retail goods available online and at storefronts.

The addition of a director of marketing aligns with the company’s growth into adventure experiences and adventure travel.

Jon Ervin formerly served Walton County for five years as the Director of Marketing and Communication for Visit South Walton Tourist Development Council. He also contributed to tourism-related businesses in Seaside, dating back to 2005, to include Director of Marketing and Public Relations.

“Being part of the YOLO tribe already, as a paddler and bike rider, I feel like I’m home,” said Ervin.

Photo Credit: Modus Photography

Developing adventure experiences and travel is already underway. Reinforcing the motto “You Only Live Once” (YOLO) is done through weekly happenings as easy as group bike rides led on forest trails or as focused as interval training from Sandestin’s Baytowne Marina. “The actual activity has always been the ingredient that fueled the passion of the person who paddles our boards or pedals our bikes. We are intent on providing a great menu for locals, visitors, all abilities, and with a spirit of inclusion and appreciation,” said YOLO Board founder Jeff Archer.

YOLO Board also has begun curating epic trips to destinations such as a Costa Rican surf camp, and as close as glamping on the Gulf of Mexico.

The mission of YOLO Board continues to be connecting inspired people, with like-minded brands, in places considered by many to be paradise. This is occurring at places like the stunning, new Henderson Inn (Destin, FL) with fleets of bikes and boards. It is also happening at Courtyard Sandestin with signature YOLO Coffee welcoming guests and at counters like Sunrise Coffee Company 30A, to name just a few.

For more info, visit YOLO Board or follow them on Facebook.