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Destin, FL, February 20, 2017: Clint Eagar Design, a Florida based design firm that provides fine art, home accents, lighting and custom design service, introduces their high fashion wall art collection for spring 2017. This collection was created simply because we have a single goal “make life beautiful”.
People are definitely drawn to fun and beauty, and this collection is stylized with a strong and sensual feeling. Clint Eagar, Artist & Designer said: “lots of people love fashion and strive to bring these trends into their homes and work spaces.” Introducing these fashion pieces to your wall, and indulging in the lifestyle, brings fun and beauty to any room.

At A Glance - Acrylic on Canvas

Acrylic On Canvas

At A Glance
The use of rich layers of gold, teal, soft aqua marine
blue, the striking detail of her sharp blue eyes draw you
into the subject. With a combination of graphic detail
and a fine art painterly background. This piece is
stunning example in the fashion series.

Blue Lagoon Girl - Fine art portrait

Blue Lagoon
This beautiful woman, looks exotic and beautiful with
her brilliant eyes and shiny wet slicked back hair. In this
Blue Lagoon setting, the reflections in the water both
show her body underwater in the calm gentle current,
with a soft tranquil deep aqua teal palette. Simply


Cosmo Girl
This beautiful Cosmopolitan woman,
surrounded by abstract textured ribbons.
The use of pearlescent and metallic acrylics
in the background and subject itself, ties this
piece together. Her smooth flowing hair is
so complimentary to the flow of the
background, and focused misty blue eyes,
you can’t help but take a second glance at
this signature piece, in the model collection.

The Quest - fine art portrait for sale

The Quest 
Using acrylic on canvas, and the use of acrylic modeling paste
creating soft texture around the subject. “The Quest” as a title
is used due to the look of passion, depth and mystery on her
face. The dramatic color shows not only depth but ads further
to the title itself. The gusting wind, long stare into the distance
and depth of thought all come through on this piece. I received
great fulfillment creating this piece of art, and hope you get as
much from the message as I have.

Golden Girl Artwork

Golden Girl
The most sophisticated yet. The use of rich layers of gold, the depth and
texture, make this piece come alive. With the beautiful accent of deep
crimson and aqua/teal gives this subject a wonderful fine art feel. Soft and
flowing, yet graphically sharp, the ‘Golden Girl’ painting has the versatility
in a wide variety of decorating locations. Contemporary, yet classic. The
painting has an incredible presence.

Cat Walk I
This Fashion Couture themed painting, is fun in its graphic presentation.
With a blue and aquamarine soft acrylic background, partial epoxy glaze
portions and vivid contrasting black silhouette fashion model, it is fun in its
attitude. With her hands on her hips, oversized sunglasses and cherry red
lips, it expresses pure cool.

Cat Walk II
This Fashion Couture horizontal painting, is a
graphic presentation of her pose. With a use of soft
lavender, pink and yellow, and hand laid crystal
embellishments, this piece is finished with Epoxy
coating. A vivid contrasting black silhouette fashion
model with her relaxing pose, oversized sunglasses
and cherry red lips, expresses pure attitude.

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