Alaqua Animal Refuge Rescues 50 Puppies, Needs Your Help

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Alaqua Animal Refuge has helped find homes for thousands of animals, with as many as 100 animals being adopted every month. It is home to as many as 250 animals at any given time.

Alaqua recently took in over 50 dogs, who were in dire need of immediate care, from a neighboring county facility.

The dogs were rescued from a large-scale puppy mill operation in Jackson County, Florida, where they were kept in cages in unhygienic conditions and without adequate drinking water or medical care. Many of the dogs rescued by Alaqua are either pregnant, newborn, sick, old and/or injured. The dogs are mostly small breeds such as Yorkie mixes, Boston terriers and Chihuahuas as well as some mixed “designer” breeds.

Several elderly dogs are missing teeth or eyes and some are even blind. Although some puppies appear to be stable in their photos, their survival is not guaranteed since they are too young for vaccines and have been exposed to disease and rat bites.

Laurie Hood, Founder of Alaqua Animal Refuge, is urging the community to offer financial aid to the shelter so that these dogs can receive the treatment they need to survive.

“Please consider making a donation to aid in the costs of these sweet, deserving dogs’ medical care. Some have a long road ahead of them, but they are safe with us until they can be adopted,” said Hood.

“Together, we can help give them protection and shelter, while we find them new, loving families,” she said.

To make a donation, click here. To learn more, visit Alaqua Animal Refuge.