Sheriff Issues Safety Tips for Parents During Spring Break

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Spring break is right around the corner and Walton County Sheriff’s Office has a message for parents of high school students visiting the Emerald Coast. The last three years the Sheriff’s Office’s total arrests during college and high school spring break have declined. However, the amount of juvenile arrests has increased.

Over the last several years, the Sheriff’s Office has seen a large growth in the amount of unsupervised juveniles in areas along County Highway 30a during spring break.

As a result, the Sheriff’s Office has drafted a letter and sent it out to the Department of Education in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama.

“The letter is an effort to inform parents of our enforcement policies during their trip to Walton County,” said Sheriff Michael Adkinson.

Deputies with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office will continue to enforce a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for individuals caught underage drinking or any other illegal behavior during their stay.

The letter asks that parents DO NOT leave juvenile children unsupervised for long periods of time. It also encourages parents to make sure they can contact them if they are separated in effort to better serve their son or daughter should they need assistance.

Walton County Sheriff’s Office is excited for the season and we hope you enjoy your stay on our beautiful beaches. We just ask that you do so safely and responsibly.

For more info, contact Corey Dobridnia, Public Affairs Coordinator, Walton County Sheriff’s Office at 850-855-0299.