Celebrate Our Forests This Earth Day with Event at Seaside

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The Florida Forest Service is proud to continue with the second event of the ‘Meet the Forester’ educational series at Point Washington State Forest.

The ‘Meet the Forester’ program will consist of a series of events throughout summer, aimed at educating the public about the many aspects of Florida’s State Forests.

For the second ‘Meet the Forester’ educational event, Michael Klassen, State Lands Forester at Point Washington State Forest, in conjunction with the Seaside Farmers Market will focus on the celebration of Earth Day.

“It’s important to remember that sustainable forest management in Florida is critical; planting trees and improving forest cover has the potential to restore land, benefit local communities and enhance ecosystem health,” said Michael Klassen. “While working with the Seaside Farmers Market and other agencies we hope to enhance the public’s knowledge of the collaborative effort taken to keep Florida’s forests healthy, renewable and sustainable for future generations.”

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated globally, aimed at educating people about the environment and current issues the world faces. The goal for Earth Day is to plant, or inspire the planting of, 7.8 billion trees worldwide.

On Saturday, April 22, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. the public will ‘Meet the Forester’ and receive information about recreation, current projects, accomplishments, and other exciting prospects going on at the Forest.

The Seaside Farmers Market is held at the Seaside Amphitheater. There will be various local vendors.

For more info, contact Michael Klassen or call Point Washington State Forest office at 850-267-8325.