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Amber and her husband, Bill Williams, are lifelong residents of the Florida panhandle. When Amber and her husband decided to grow their family in 2013, they were inspired by Will (Bill’s son/Amber’s stepson) to pursue adoption of children with Down syndrome . In July of 2014 they welcomed home Hamilton and Cadman from orphanages in Ukraine, making them the proud parents of three boys with Down syndrome. You can learn more about their adoption journey that took them to Ukraine for two months and all it took to get there on Amber’s Blog she maintained during that time.

Unfortunately, Amber was in a car accident Thanksgiving weekend of 2016 that left her paralyzed from the waist down and with a badly injured left wrist. She spent the holidays in rehab at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia, a facility that specializes in spinal cord injuries.

Amber returned home from impatient rehab in January to allow her wrist time to heal fully before she returns for additional therapy. She is overjoyed to be back home with her family and is so grateful to be with her boys everyday. She’s slowly recovering feeling in her legs and continues to hope that movement will come back soon.
However, the longer she’s home, the more she realizes how in-accessible her house is. Confined to the sitting position in her wheelchair, there’s very little she can reach in the kitchen and throughout the rest of the her home. She can’t reach the stove to cook, the fridge to get her boys a snack, the kitchen counters to prep or the sink to rinse anything. She can’t reach the laundry sink to bathe her boys. Grocery shopping is virtually impossible when one can only reach the middle shelves.

Amber is determined to be able to be a mommy as independently and functionality as possible. A new stand up wheelchair has just launched that will allow her to overcome many of these challenges!

Additionally, there are tremendous benefits to Amber being in the standing position. Being confined to the sitting position 24/7 is a serious health risk to those with paraplegia. Simply being in the standing position frequently may even help Amber walk again sooner!

The new TEK RMD from Matia Robotics allows paraplegics to go from sitting, to standing, to mobile in seconds, making the home more accessible and the world within reach. The TEK RMD is a motorized standing movement device that offers the ability for those who are in a manual wheelchair to complete everyday activities from a standing position … at eye level.

Unfortunately, insurance will not cover this awesome device that cost between $22,000 and 25,000. Please help us raise the funds to get Amber back on her feet and taking care of her sweet boys!!
Help Amber Take Care of her Family Again!

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