What dangers lie in your tap water?

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What dangers lie in your tap water?

We drink, cook, clean, and shower with our tap water. We assume nothing is wrong with that, but should we be concerned? Many of us are already drinking bottled water, and some of us even cooking with it, but what about the water we are showering in? Studies have shown that the body absorbs more toxins during a 15-minute shower, than if you drank a ½ gallon of the same toxic water.

Many people have been misled to believe the water treatment facilities are supposed to deliver high-quality water to their homes and businesses. The truth is, they were never designed for this purpose, and they are simply not equipped with the technology to do so. Even if they were, they would still have to go to the trouble of replacing all of the piping from the treatment facilities to every single home and business. Obviously, this is not a practical solution, nor is it one that American taxpayers can afford.

Aesthetically, the most common piece of feedback they receive, is that the customers appreciate they don’t have that constant calcium-carbonate build up, ring around the toilet, and scum in the shower and on the shower door. You also won’t have to worry about spots or residue on your glasses or dishes anymore either. They shine beautifully straight out the dishwasher! Other feedback they receive, is how good the water tastes, and especially how good their coffee tastes. Lastly, the experience of showering in pure water is a transformational experience. Customers say it leaves their skin smooth and silky and feels amazing! People have also noticed their artificial hair color lasting between appointments, and their skin allergies and eczema going away!

So what can someone do to protect themselves and their family from the harmful exposure to contaminants in their water supply? The only practical solution is to purchase a whole-house water purification system.
There are solid stainless steel bacteriostatic systems available in the United States. They actually utilize the same technology that NASA uses aboard their space shuttle orbiters. You will want to choose a whole house system that is registered with the EPA, and are NSF certified with the Goal Seal of Approval from the Water Quality Association. Lastly, and probably one of the most important reasons, you will also want a fully transferrable lifetime warranty.

We would recommend contacting a Water Quality Specialist in your area, who should be able to come to your home or business, and conduct a water test free of charge, then advise on your best course of action, based on the results.

Now, are you committed to your wellness? If so, you should look into getting a water purification system, so you can drink, cook, clean, and shower with confidence.

Find out more in this informative video: http://bit.ly/2sagUmb