Decor With Color

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Decorating your house with colors.

When decorating your room, you should start with the theme and color. Color can change people’s mood, such as red color is hot and powerful, while blue color is calm and relax,…,etc. You can choose the color based on your personal preference or you can choose a color scheme from your favorite artwork.

In this contemporary room, we used the gray shade in the artwork to paint the wall, and gold color for the sofa to create this look.

Clint Eagar Design is a Florida based design firm that creates fine art, home accents, and custom design services. Clint Eagar provides 30 min free consultation at his gallery/studio located in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Clint Eagar designs the entire theme (wall art, fabric, table top,…etc) based on customer’s requirement interior needs.

For the artwork information, please click here.

You can visit online for more artwork and home decor items or Clint Eagar Design’s Art Gallery located at 57B Uptown Grayton Circle, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459.

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