Fall back into you: A time to detox the body, mind and spirit

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By Lauren Catanese

Fall has officially begun! The weather might not be cooler just yet, but the change of season can still be felt as the pumpkin candles come out and costume shopping for Halloween begins. The Autumn Equinox in late September is a day when there is an equal time between day and night, darkness and light. If we follow the signs of nature and align with the seasons, Fall will be a time for us to re-balance our own inner light. We can do that by getting clear on what we need to let go of (our darkness) while reaping the benefits of our own harvest (our light). At the beginning of the year we plant our seeds for what we want to create and now we can celebrate what we have manifested already. At the same time recognizing what may have accumulated along the way that needs to be released- only keeping what continues to serve us on our journey.

Just as trees drop their old leaves that no longer are needed, we too can let go of anything that no longer serves us, allowing our old “leaves” to fall. So, what no longer serves you? What is getting in your way? Whether it’s a physical clearing of clutter in our home and bodies, a mental clearing of thoughts and we have outgrown, or a spiritual shift back into who we truly are. Fall is a special time to turn within.

What does it take to go within? How do we do that? How do we know what it’s time to let go of? Here are some tips and resources for shedding of your own leaves:

  • Body: In the physical world we need to clean out our clutter, literally, from our house and our bodies. A good way is the Kon Mari method created by Marie Kondo. In her book, “The life changing magic of tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever,” teaches you how to clear away and get rid of the root of your clutter. Her motto, if you don’t love it, don’t keep it! It might also be a good idea to do a body detox, that can assist your body in the renewal process. I love Dr. Axe, Mama Natural, and even just going to a local health food store and asking for advice.
  • Mind: We have so many thoughts that can weigh us down. We have habitual patterns that seem real to us but truly are old ways of acting that have no benefit anymore. There are lots of techniques and ways of doing this. I recommend “The Key,” by Joe Vitale, which has ten great methods to use all in one book.
  • Spirit: for me, the best way to get back in touch with my soul and spirit is to get outside. Walking on the beach or the trails grounds your energy and realigns you with the universe. It takes pausing from the busyness of the day and other distractions and doing something that is uplifting and inspiring. Do what you love. Lately I have been asking myself, what can I do right now that will feel nurturing? What feeds your soul? Make a list then commit to doing at least one thing on it every day!

Nature is one of our greatest teachers. Everything serves a purpose, even the change of seasons. Change is a part of life and it’s what keeps us going. We are here to learn, grow and evolve. It’s constant.  So get cozy this Fall and allow yourself the time to replace what is holding you back. Clear out any darkness so more of your light can shine!


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