SCHOOL SCOOPS: Ruckel student makes ‘Epic’ drawing

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A visit to the state capitol during the winter legislation session could offer a chance to see work by a local artist.

The Okaloosa School District held the Art in the Capitol Contest in October, with middle school students submitting entries.

Ruckel Middle School took Best of Show by featuring Anna Keim and her mixed media drawing, “Epic,” which is headed to Tallahassee for display.

A second piece by Anna, “The Barn,” placed second in the colored pencil drawing category.

Other RMS winners include Greenlee Shin, Katie Etan and Samantha Feldman.

The pieces will also be displayed in the Okaloosa District Art Show in the spring.

In its first venture into team robotics, St. Mary Catholic School sent a group to a competition on Oct. 21, hosted by Davidson Middle School.

As a school project, two fundraisers benefited victims of hurricanes Harvey and Maria. All money raised went to Catholic Charities, which provides support in the affected regions.

Receiving recognition for their summer reading, several Walton Middle School students were rewarded with an October cookout celebration.

In another October event, the students and staff wore pink on Oct. 19 to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

South Walton High School senior Jordan Nichols represents the Walton School District as its nominee for Academic United States Presidential Scholar.

In October news, the students, faculty and staff donated 66 pints of blood at the school-hosted blood drive.

West DeFuniak Elementary School teachers have employed a variety of creative hands-on methods to teach classic lessons.

Kaitlyn Walker used plastic bowling pins and a ball to help her first-grade students improve their subtraction. Students started with 10 pins, and they subtracted the pins that were knocked over, finding the difference.

In third-grade, Amanda Callahan used scientific tools such as scales and beakers to solve math problems: measurements in mass, volume, length and time.

Early in October, the Butler Elementary School chorus visited the Grand Boulevard Health and Rehabilitation Center in Miramar Beach, where the students sang songs that were patriotic, seasonal and spooky — as spooky as smiling students can possibly be.

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