XoXo: Rest in Philly Cheesesteaks…

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Today I came across a story that at first glance might seem like a joke, but I found it oddly touching.

A 76 year-old Pennsylvania man, Richard Lussi, was granted his dying wish: to be buried with philly cheesesteaks. Not just any cheesesteaks, though! They had to come from his favorite sandwich shop, Pat’s King of Steaks.

Lussi had joked with his family that he would hate to go into the afterlife hungry, but requested “no onions” as they would surely haunt him. His loving family happily obliged and remembered him by burying with not one, but two of his favorite sandwiches! They said he never ordered just one cheesesteak and honestly who does?

I’ve always felt that even though the passing of a loved one is painful, a funeral is a time to celebrate their life and the things they loved most. Which leads me to ponder what I might request to be buried with…a pot of coffee? I could never make it to the other side un-caffeinated.

If you were to be buried with your favorite thing…what would it be?


Mary Jo

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