Want to help the homeless? Soup, Chapstick, nail clippers on list

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As Northwest Florida braces for a continued string of bitterly cold nights, homeless advocates are keeping the doors open at the local shelters.

So far this year, One Hopeful Place has been open for eight of the last 14 nights and another handful in late December. Temperatures are expected to drop below 40 for the remainder of the week.

That’s a stark contrast to last year, when temperatures dropped below 40 just nine times during the winter season.

This winter has taxed shelter resources and depleted supplied of some common household items. Shelter organizers say they have enough blankets and jackets for now, but are in desperate need of the following items, some of which cost less than $1.

Donations can be dropped off at One Hopeful Place at 1564 Percy L. Coleman Road anytime after 10 a.m.

They can also be brought to the Northwest Florida Daily News at 2 Eglin Parkway NE in Fort Walton Beach between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

A campaign is also underway to raise funds to renovate the shelter to hold an additional 100 people. 

Wish List

Two bathroom light bulbs

Men tennis shoes and shower flip flops (sizes 9-13)

Men and women underwear

Bus passes

Gas cards

Duct tape






Chicken noodle soup

– Instant juice

– Butter

– TV dinners for emergency dinner

– Trash bags (55 gallons) & 13 gal

– Long shower brushes for cleaning shower walls

– Laundry soap

– Bleach

– Dish soap

– Dryer sheets

– Simple Green/ Pine Sol or any floor cleaner supply

– Nail clippers

– Chapstick

– Razors

– Books and a book shelf

– Reading glasses 1.00-3.75

– Bike tubes 6 of sizes: (29×2.20) & (26×1.95)

 – Extra bike master links

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