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Branching out in 2018

By Lisa Cyr

A musical community is like a tree. All parts of the tree are important and often support each other.  Here in Walton County, we have a variety of musical branches that are becoming more plentiful as our “tree” grows.  At any time, you may climb up and join the musical tree. Here are some ideas:

Public and Private Schools

Join the band. With so many instruments to choose from, you can virtually design your own instrumental journey until one or two instruments resonate within yourself.  You may be attracted to the sound and feel of a particular instrument in a group setting.  Perhaps you enjoy the challenge of moving up to the lead position in a district band and then moving onto All State. The fun of group performance at sporting events, artistic nights of expression, musicals, and concerts are motivating and socially satisfying.  Ohana Institute and The Seaside School offers students a rock band experience. Ultimately, learning a musical instrument strengthens your mind and character, resulting in higher academic achievement, scholarships, and job performance.  

Community Venues

Check out the library or college which tends to offer workshops, event postings, and information.   Almost every church has a music department offering children’s and adult choirs and worship groups.  30A Songwriter Radio & Coffee Shop- is a great place to listen, support, enjoy and learn from other musicians.  Attending a live music performance may inspire you to pursue your own musical abilities. Escape to Create springs into action in January and February with unique performances by highly gifted artists in South Walton.

Out with the old and in with Opera!

Try something new!  Opera is a branch that few climb, let alone shake.  The Pensacola Opera Artist in Residence Program performs at an annual music scholarship fundraiser every February in Niceville, Florida, called the Opera Brunch. Enjoy delicious food, listen to an entertaining 30 minute presentation of musical excerpts from Man of La Mancha and other operas, and check out their raffle. Located at the Niceville Community Center, the event starts at 11:30 am ends by 1:30 pm. Tickets ($27.50) may be purchased on line at  or call Lisa Cyr at 850-231-3199.  Student tickets are only $15 when purchased from Lisa.  

Private Music Lessons

Our tree is not complete without music teachers who are connected to all other branches. Teachers provide a more personal understanding of an instrument and practical insight to improve your physical ability and comprehension. They are your coach and cheerleader, scaffolding you to new heights. Teachers can connect you with the other branches such as competitions, festivals, summer music camps, scholarships, local performance groups and venues. Teachers are also performers seeking to “branch out” by producing more musicians until they form a band or orchestra.

Studio 237 Music School provides a variety of “musical branches” for you to experience and mix. Try guitar or piano, venture into voice, climb out to clarinet or saxophone, jump onto the drums, reach out for ukulele, write a song, or grab onto the strings of a violin. Each of our teachers have unique and meaningful abilities to impart. Trees don’t grow over night; likewise, you have to give music lessons time to grow. Trees symbolize patience, endurance, strength, persistence, support, consistency, and grandeur.  Next time you see a tree, think about music and which branches you might try. To schedule a visit call Ray or Lisa Cyr at 850-231-3199 at Studio 237 Music School located in Santa Rosa Beach, FL and visit our website at  

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