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Patrick McAlpine | Snowbird Sillies

So many snowbirds have taken up this sport since it was invented in 1965.

Pickleball players take their game seriously.

A lot of T-shirts read “Real Athletes Play Pickleball!”

“Happy People Play Pickleball.”

“Some Grandmas Knit Scarfs, Real Grandmas Play Pickleball.”

“Stay Out of the Kitchen! Play Pickelball.”

“Life Necessities — Food, Sleep & Pickleball.”

“Pickleball Players Suffer OPD! Obsessive Pickleball Disorder!”

Pickleball is even mentioned in the Bible! Genesis 41:46.

“When Joseph served he did it in the Paroah’s court.”

Question of the Day — How many pickleball players does it take to screw in a light bulb?

“What do you mean, the light bulb was out! It wasn’t out! It was in!”

 Four of five doctors agree that Mondays are better for pickleball! The fifth doctor didn’t hear the question. She was out on the pickleball court.

 Old Movies with a Pickleball ” twist.”

 “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a dink.”

 “I’m going to make her an overhead smash.”

“Go ahead! Make my dink!

“Here’s volleying at you kid!”

 Disgruntled P.B. player: ” If you want a soft serve, go to the Dairy Queen!”

 Friend of mine said he was a P.B. addict on the road to recovery but then said he was kidding.

I’m on the road to the pickleball courts!”

 An avid P.B. player complained when Daylight Saving time occurred. She said, “I don’t care about losing an hour of sleep but it’s the pickleball time that I will miss that haunts me.”

 They say, less talking, less planning, less junk food, less complaining, less working, less doubting, less frowning, less insecurity, less weakness, less ignorance, less hate, but more pickleball.






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