ROAD CLOSURES AS OF 7:30AM 2/12/2012

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Highway 2 at Gus Andrews old Ponds between Brown Road and State Road 331N – Closed

White Creek Road area of the 400 block – Closed until Chelco can remove a tree from power line.

North Walton:

McKinnon Bridge Road and Clyde Brown Road Water overflow from ditch. Signs are up. Passable at low speeds.

Berrian Lake Road – Closed

Hinote Road – Flooded at the bridge.

Laird Road- Flooded, signs in place.

West Indian Creek Ranch Road –  Closed, signs in place.

Red Hill Road – Closed.

Sherwood Road – Closed.

Walton Bridge Road – Closed.

White Creek Road/WC Currington Road- Closed, barricades in place.

WC Currington /McHenry Rd- Closed.

River Road – Closed.

McCaskill Road – Closed

Crooked Creek Road – Flooded, barricades in place


South Jackson from Washington Street to Highway 20 – Flooded.

North Jackson Highway 20 – Flooded.

331 Business, South of John Deere – Flooded.

Bunker & Steel Field Roadd – Flooded.

Clipper Cove – Flooded.

 Alaqua Cove Road – Flooded.

Johns Lane – Flooded.

Woodlawn Road- Water over the road in the 700 block, but passable.

Dead River Road – Flooded.

Bunker & Steel Field Road – Closed.

South Walton:

CO Highway 83/US Highway 98 West – Water over one side of south bound lane.

Montigo Avenue – Flooded.

800 Block of Mack Bayou Road – Flooded.

Sandestin Lane – Water over one lane.

Jack Knife Drive – Water over roadway.

Chat Holly Rd/Indian Woman Road- Water over the roadway.

Norwood Street- Water approaching 91 Norwood Drive.

E Nursery Rd/Tranquility Lane- Water on the road, no signs present.

DOT Notified:

13500 US Highway 81 South.

4736 US Highway 331 South area of the construction washing.

1780 State Highway 81 South area of Pusley Hill, north bound lane holding water.

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