Thirty-A Filet & Vine

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There’s Grocery Shopping and Then There’s Thirty-A Filet & Vine 

Santa Rosa Beach— Shea and Paul Gill are looking forward to providing the Emerald Coast with the sort of specialty market items they are used to having access to in bigger cities throughout the Southeast. Originally from Montgomery, the Gill’s affinity for specialty grocery stores and prime steak houses has followed them to the beach, where the options are limited. When deciding to open Thirty-A Filet & Vine, near Gulf Place in Santa Rosa Beach, they realized that “our area doesn’t have any other specialty stores offering the high quality, gourmet options we were looking for, so we figured we would open something ourselves!”. 

Thirty-A Filet & Vine will be “ a one-stop shop for a gourmet dinner,” Gill says of the eagerly anticipated market scheduled to open late this February. “The store will also be a place you’ll want to sit down and talk”—talk about things like meat temperature and marbling and, of course, the great medium versus rare debate. The Gills have designed Thirty-A Filet & Vine to resemble the comfortable atmosphere of being in their family kitchen while offering visitors and residents of 30A access to gourmet grocery options, seven days a week, year round.  

“If I go to a friend’s house, I end up taking over the kitchen,” Shea laughs, “and Paul takes over the grill. We cook so much, and that’s where Thirty-A Filet & Vine came from: our love of people coming around the table, utilizing locally sourced options that everyone can feel good about consuming.”  

Families will soon be able to walk into Thirty-A Filet & Vine and choose select cuts of grass fed,  organic, 21-day aged, or Wagyu beef, along with other organic proteins. Additionally, they will serve freshly baked breads, speciality food items, locally sourced produce and will offer a wine list that demands attention. Don’t worry, wine tastings and pairings are already on the Gills’ to-do list.  

For the past year, the pair have coordinated with local farmers to curate the Thirty-A Filet & Vine menu based on their own love of food, cooking, and friends.  “Our concept is different than anywhere else; we bring so many local vendors together in one place, and you get to walk in and feel like you’re at home. We’re very excited about it. We just have a passion for it and want to share that passion with the community.” 

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Visit their website for more information:

Thirty-A Filet & Vine is located at 1598 South Co Hwy 393 in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

(850) 598-2459

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