Three Kinds of Contractors

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“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin

Three Kinds of Contractors

In most industries, there are usually three groups of demographics. There are those who are indeed honest and expertly deliver skilled services and high quality products in their trade.

Then there are those who are the opposite of that; dishonest and intentionally deliver unskilled services and low quality products in their trade.

Finally, there is a third group; those who just don’t have a clue about their trade and naively believe they are a great company. They don’t know… what they don’t know!

When it comes to repairing structures – especially in an insurance claim, how is a consumer supposed to know the difference between these three types of contractors? It’s your home – and you get to decide which contractor will do the work! You will have to live with their product for many years!

While most contractors claim to be the “best,” APEX actually demonstrates their leadership through their formal training, customer service and decades of team experience. But here is where it gets tricky.

Insurance Company “Preferred Vendors”

In most cases, while you are indeed permitted to select your own contractor to repair your home, insurance claim representatives usually leverage extreme pressure on the policyholder to use their “preferred vendor” in performing your repairs. Why do insurers do this?

We invite the readers to simply look at the situation – and observe the obvious.

Every dollar given to the contractor performing the repairs… is one less dollar for the insurance company’s shareholders and investors.

How do you think their “preferred vendors” decrease the insurance company’s financial exposure? Do you think these “preferred vendors” who seek the low hanging fruit of easy sales have agreed to big concessions in order to be added to the insurance company’s list? Why don’t you ask for a copy of the preferred vendor’s program agreement! We assure you… there IS an agreement with a long list of restrictions and compromises to which every preferred vendor must strictly adhere! … These rules rarely deliver a quality product or experience.

Do you want your home repaired competently … or with compromises?

APEX proudly declares they do NOT participate in a single “preferred vendor” insurance repair program. We work for YOU and insist upon being included in the FIRST demographic referred to in our opening paragraph!

Proving APEX Competence

Insurance claims can be scary.  Your home is in shambles. Strangers are roaming around your home speaking an unfamiliar language with expressions you have never heard. Strong positional statements and lines in the sand are being drawn!

And there you are! … Owner of the property with the insurance agent who sold you the policy… an insurance claim representative… one or more contractors… possibly a “third party administrator” (someone paid to “control” the claim on behalf of the insurer) … your spouse… your friends… all claiming to know what’s best for your repairs!

Objectively viewed… each one of these entities is either unqualified to render an opinion… or they are conflicted! Even APEX carries a conflict since they are a contractor who stands to benefit from the decisions made!

What do you do?!

APEX has the answer for you – and every person involved in your insurance claim. Stay tuned for next month’s Ask APEX article!

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