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The  Halls of Valhalla

By Stephen Brown

When I was young, skinny and strong I never thought I’d live this long

I went off to war when I was called

I’ll never forget the things I saw

I’ve seen the worst that men can be and had to wonder how not me

When my time was up I went to sea thinking that was a safer place to be

We sailed calm and raging seas men were hurt and died but again not me

A wonderful woman saved me and I made her my wife

We had a son, we had a good life

Now she’s gone and my son is grown

Once again I’m all alone

I’ve gotten older than I ever Thought I’d be

But being old and alone is O.K. with me

And when death comes, as it must do

I’ll gladly go and pay my dues

I won’t yell and I won’t holler

I’m going to be with family and friends in the halls of Valhalla

Stephen Brown has been a resident of South Walton since 1973.  Mr. Brown is a retired Navy and a Vietnam Veteran. He now spends his time volunteering in the community.

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