What’s on 30A TV? Where’s Theo?

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That will be the question on everyone’s lips this summer as 30A TV tracks the adventures and stories of Theo of South Walton, a loveable, stuffed turtle representing all endangered sea turtles. Theo will be traveling the coast of 30A to deliver turtle safety and conservation information. The video segments will present the proper way to leave the beach a hospitable place for safety of the sea turtles.


The Friends of South Walton Sea Turtles (FOSWST) is a 150-strong group of volunteer “beach ambassadors” whose purpose is to educate the beach going public about endangered and threatened sea turtles, and the little things each visitor and local can do to protect them along the beaches of Northwest Florida. The crucial nesting and hatching season for South Walton sea turtles is May 31 through Oct. 31. With more and more visitors enjoying the beach at the same time, sea turtles and their little hatchlings are becoming more and more vulnerable.

Theo will be brought to life in a fun, but educational way in Season 1 with six episodes to help locals and visitors learn more about nesting turtles, and their impact on the environment. Episode 1 will introduce Theo to the community, available for viewing at 30a.tv and by visiting southwalton.life.

Episode 2 will showcase the #cleandarkflat initiative of FOSWST beach ambassadors. “Clean” refers to taking back with you what you bring to the beach- including trash. “Dark” refers to keeping the beaches free of light pollution as much as possible during turtle nesting season. Hatchlings follow the moon to the water when they hatch and artificial light can confuse them and strand them onshore. “Flat” refers to filling in holes and knocking down sandcastles to keep obstacles at a minimum for the hatchlings and also the mothers when they come to shore to nest. A sea turtle has limited vision and can easily fall into a hole left on the beach, seriously endangering herself and her hatchlings.

So look out for “Where’s Theo?” on 30A Television this summer. Visit 30a.tv to find complete information on how to watch 30A TV anywhere, including on apps, devices and live streaming. Look for Theo of South Walton on Facebook. Theo is also available for purchase at select locations including Pecan Jacks Ice Cream on Hwy. 30A across from Ed Waline Beach Access. Pecan Jacks has generously developed a special “Theo of South Walton” ice cream flavor to increase turtle safety awareness and conservation. So, when you see little Theo prancing on the beach or hanging out at Pecan Jacks, remember the little things you can do to ensure all the little Theos of South Walton survive and thrive!

Hwy. 30a has always had a different “feel” and lifestyle, which is why people from all over the country are embracing the area. Our goal at 30A TV is simple—to be the #1 video resource for information, entertainment and beach style. 30A TV broadcasts in nine counties of the NW Florida Panhandle, nationwide on Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Play, mobile devices, apps and at 30a.tv . 30a Media remains committed to continue innovating and providing our viewers with the content they are requesting. Contact 30A TV at 877-30aTV-48.

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