Five ways to beat the summer heat

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As temperatures climb into the upper 80s and August draws near, finding ways to cool off from the Florida summertime heat has become a losing battle.

Ice cream melts before our children have a chance to take their first lick and the beautiful white-sand beaches are almost impossible to walk across without burning the bottoms of your feet. 

Nevertheless, melted ice cream is better than no ice cream at all. And the feeling of soaking your burned bunions in the cool, salty Gulf water is hard to resist.

The Daily News has compiled a list of five ways to help beat the summer heat:

Visit Florida’s many natural springs

Although the Gulf of Mexico feels more like bath water in mid-summer, Northwest Florida is packed full of natural springs where temperatures average 72-to-76 degrees. Ponce De Leon Springs State Park, Morris Springs and Cypress Springs are all within driving distance for a day trip.

Take advantage of ice machines

At many parks in Northwest Florida, especially those with a boat dock, bags of ice can be purchased for only a few dollars in self-serve machines. Maybe its time to revive the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Opt for a splash pad

Splash pads have popped up all across Northwest Florida in recent years at parks, shopping centers and restaurants. If you’re looking for a place to bring your children that won’t end with a sandy car, splash pads are the way to go!

Visit the beach at night

Instead of visiting the beach during day, why not enjoy some of the same activities at night? Beachgoers can build sand castles, enjoy weekly firework shows and search for critters with flashlights.

Play tourist, go visit local attractions

Arcades, bowling alleys, laser tag, trampoline parks and escape rooms are all indoor activities that are open during the day. Grab the family and lock yourselves in a room for an hour. It’s be fun, I hope!

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