XoXo: Netflix is Giving You Control…

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Since “Netflix & Chill” has become a standard weekend event and binge watching is officially a life skill, you might wonder if Netflix could possibly immerse you any further into your favorite programming? It turns out, they can.

A new report from Bloomberg claims that Netflix is in the final stages and putting together “Choose Your Own Adventure” programming. Like in a video game, the episode and series could end completely different based on how the viewer chooses different actions or events. Reportedly, Netflix will debut this adventure later this year with their cult favorite Black Mirror.

Black Mirror is an obvious choice for this experiment since each episode is its own story line. Most of the stories center around an even more technologically dependent future…which makes for an almost eerie fit for such a bold departure from our current standard entertainment.

However, if this interactive episode is successful, it will likely not be the last. Netflix has reportedly tested children’s choose your own adventure episodes of its Shrek spin-off series, Puss in Boots.

Which series would you take a control of?

Stranger Things? Dark? Literally any superhero series?


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