The World Needs One Of You

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By Shelby Lynne

Shelby Lynne

Today for the first time in a long time I looked into the mirror and I recognized the reflection.
I walked out the door without second guessing myself.
I had a stride in my walk that screamed confidence within me.
It was the strangest feeling.

It’s been so long since I loved my own skin,
I’ve spent so long hating who I am within.
Trained to understand that I’ll never be good enough.

But what would happen if I wore confidence like a glove?
Looked into the mirror and felt nothing but love.
I could walk into the world and conquer so much,
And never be afraid of not measuring up.
What opportunities could I make,
If i decided to take a chance?

You were made for a reason.
You were not here by accident.
Or just for a season.
There is a purpose laid out for you, that no one else can fulfill.
But without confidence you will walk through life in a stillness.
No great thing is easy,
And greatness will not be given,
It’s an opportunity, but you’ve got to take it.

As I look out of my window And glance up to the sky,
I see every single star, Burning extremely bright
And I remember the God who made them,
How He hung them just right.
And I see the roaring ocean
With all its secrets under its waves
And I’m overwhelmed with emotion as I remember a simple thing:
The God who made everything that I see
Looked around the world and decided that it needed one of me.
I’m not a mistake, to simply be tossed aside.
I’m not without purpose,
People cannot tell you who you are inside
As long as you remember the God who gave you the breath to be alive.
There is only one of you, No one can take your place
The God of all creation thought you were needed as much as we need space
So walk out of the door, And give the mirror a wink
Because you are far more wonderful than ever you could think.

~ Shelby Lynne

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