“Theo of South Walton” Holiday Party Set for November 27th

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Friends of South Walton Sea Turtles launches new Theo Products for Christmas

The Friends of South Walton Sea Turtles (FOSWST), Clint Eagar Design Studio and South Walton Life are pleased to announce the launch of a “Theo of South Walton” themed product line just in time for the holiday shopping season! And, in keeping with the time, a holiday “Theo Party” is just the right occaision to celebrate this unique product line and the end of the most successful season the FOSWST Volunteer Beach Ambassador has had! The party will begin at 5pm till 8pm on Tuesday, November 27th at the Clint Eagar Design Studio in the Uptown Grayton Shopping Plaza, 57B Uptown Grayton Circle. Mr. Eagar got involved with the FOSWST organization when the first Theo Plush turtles were unveiled in July 2018. “When I first saw little Theo I was inspired,” says Clint. “First of all, I never realized just how vulnerable Sea Turtles are, and how development along 30A’s beaches contributes to their demise. When I was introduced to the Friends of South Walton Sea Turtle’s and realized Theo was a fundraiser, I decided to get involved and contribute. The result was a beautiful painting of theo and the development of a product line that is sure to take off when the visiting public and local community start seeing the products out in the community.

Here’s a list of the products available and the South Walton locations they are available for purchase. A portion of the proceeds of each product sale will go to continue the educational mission of the Friends of South Walton Sea Turtles.

Theo Plushy

First introduced in the summer of 2018, this 11” very soft and cudly plush turtle caused quite a stir this summer! Children are instantly drawn to the Theo display whenever they are in sight. These plush are ISF safe to the highest European standards for child safety. Retailing for $20 at the following locations: Pecan Jacks in Gulf Place, Fish out of Water restaurant gift shop in Watercolor, Clint Eagar Design Studio in Grayton Beach, Seaside Children’s Store, Bungalow Home and Life in the Seagrove Plaza, Live Well 30A gift shop at The HUB 30A in Watersound and Risa’s Interiors in Miramar Beach.

Theo Painting

Original artwork by Clint Eagar, prints are available at the Clint Eagar Design Gallery in Uptown Grayton Plaza.

Theo Christmas Ornaments

Perhaps the most unique Christmas gift available on 30A this season. There are four unique designs available; Santa Theo, Scuba Theo, Reef Theo and Love Theo. These exquisitely designed piece and custom painted ornaments are truly one-of-a-kind items and sure to be a 30A collectible for years to come. Retailing for just $22, you can find the Theo Christmas Ornaments in at Pecan Jacks,  Clint Eagar Design Studio, Fish Out of Water and Bungalow Home and Life and Risa’s Interiors in Miramar Beach.

Theo Hats

These custom designed Theo Caps are the quintessential “SoWal” wearble. There are 2 sizes- childrens and adults, and 2 colors, white and light aqua. Using a process of both high definition printing and embroidery, the product quality is truly stunning. Retailing at $25, Visit Fish out of Water or the Clint Eagar Design Studio for purchase.

Theo Pillow

This Custom embroidered Velvet Theo Pillow is the perfect companion gift for any Children’s room that already has the Plush and Painting! And, each pillow is emblazzoned with the FOSWST signature Hastag , #CleanDark Flat; Cute and educational! Retail for $35, The Theo Pillow is available at the Clint Eagar Design Studio.

Theo Placemats

Perfect for a Theo themed birthday party, these lovely Velvet placemats are also available at the Clint Eagar Design Studio.

Theo Party November 27th

“We are very excited about this new product launch and hope the public is excited as we are,” says FOSWST president and founding member Beth Coppedge.” We look forward to seeing all our friends and supporters on Tuesday, November 27th. It will a a fun, relaxing event, where we can celebrate a very successful season and wish one another a very Happy Holiday!, and hopefully raise a lot of money.” In addition to the Theo product sales, light refreshments will be provided and Clint will be auctionig off a print of his Theo painting.


In an effort to preserve turtle nests and the species, as well as educate our local community and tourists who visit our beaches, The FOSWST were foremed in 2015. The Volunteer Beach Ambassador program focuses on eduaction while the South Walton Turtle Watch is actively engaged in protecting Sea Turtle Nests. VBA has grown from approximatley 15 volunteers in 2015 to over 200 this 2018 season. While our beautiful beaches are home and known to vacationers from all over the world, they are also home to many species of sea turtles who have long visited during our summer season and their nesting season to lay eggs in the sand they hatched from. From May through October, mother turtles are coming to the beach.

The mission is focused on three simple words; #clean.Dark.Flat.


In an effort to help our momma Sea Turtles return safely and lay their eggs, we need to keep the beach clean. VBA Ambassadors are actively involved in reminding visitors and locals alike to remove thneir trash after a day in the sun and keep the beach as CLEAN as they found it. Plastic products are finding their way into our waters and are often mistaken as food by our sea turtles, birds and fish.


Anytime you go to the beach, you’ll find children and even adults building sand castles, and digging holes for tent and umbrella installation. Now all this is good fun, but we must cover those holes, and smash our castles at the end of the day. Castles are an obstacle to maneuver around and Momma Sea Turtles have been found in holes on our beaches. Were it not for our diligent South Walton VBA walkers, a holed turtle would surely die.

Dark…that’s right. The turtles come in at night, so as not to be disturbed, and lay their eggs in the sand. Let’s be mindful to keep our lights out at night and not confuse them.

So, whenever and wherever you see little Theo, remember: Help us keep our beaches Clean…Dark…and Flat. See you all on November 27th!

Theo Of Sw Shadow

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