Testosterone…It’s not just for Men!

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By Dr. Richard Chern, MD

Testosterone does much more than just build muscle mass.   Testosterone absolutley benefits women in many ways. The body uses testosterone to make estrogen, making it vitally important for women.

Dr. Richard Chern, Md

The benefits of testosterone hormone replacement therapy are equally as good for women as men.  Improved libido is only the beginning. In addition, testosterone has been shown to improve one’s ability to build lean muscle mass and muscle tone whether you are male or female.  Hormone replacement therapy with testosterone offers multiple health benefits including increased energy levels, clarity of thought, ability to focus, improved bone density, improved muscle tone, helps with fat loss and it acts as a natural anti-depressant.  The range of testosterone levels differs considerably between men and women but both men and women should consider testosterone hormone replacement therapy if wanting to improve their overall quality of life. As a trained and certified hormone therapy provider, I have seen first-hand how women benefit from the use of testosterone.   Often in the beginning, a female patient may have concerns regarding increased facial hair, acne, or becoming “too muscular”. However, these negative effects of testosterone are unlikely to happen in women when using a trained and certified provider who is familiar with the testing required and understands how to read the results of these tests.  Close monitoring of levels by a hormone provider in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is a requirement. The optimization of testosterone therapy is individualized when done by medical professional. Once levels are optimized, women and men consistently report improved mental functioning, improved moods, decreased anxiety, improved ability to lose weight, build muscle, and, YES, improved libido, often in less than four weeks after beginning therapy.  Once levels are optimized both men and women report improved quality of life and an overall feeling of well being. Many patients describe it as walking out of a cloud after years of slow deterioration. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy with BioTE hormone pellets is the safest, most consistent, and most convenient way to go. Do not confuse synthetic testosterone alternatives such as testosterone shots with BioTE pellets. Synthetic testosterone injections cause a significant detriment to overall health instead of the health benefits associated with BioTE’s bio-identical hormone pellets.  Sticky testosterone creams are not much better and rarely reach the therapeutic levels required to prevent disease. There is a better way! Only use BioTE for consistent testosterone hormone levels that lasts up to 4 months in women and up to 6 months in men. If you would like to feel increased energy, increased stamina, and improved moods with an improved ability to lose weight and overall feeling of wellbeing then please contact us at the Hormone Restoration Center with Dr. Richard Chern, MD, now with two locations to serve you, in Miramar Beach, FL (850) 837-1271, and Pensacola FL. (850) 333-3566.

Testosterone…It’s not just for Men!

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