Lotus Life Surrender

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Do you feel a push at every New Year to make a list of resolutions? An agenda to create the changes in your life that you have wanted to make? These “lists” can sometimes feel more like pressure; something to judge ourselves by if we don’t complete, stay on task, and follow them daily. That has to be the reason why most resolutions, even with good intentions, fall off after a few weeks or even a month. Then we just push our goals aside, deem ourselves unworthy, have failed, and fall back into our normal busy routines. Not making any changes, feeling lousy and putting them off, “well there is always next year.”

Lauren C

The desire to change has good intentions; it’s when we condemn ourselves, feeling guilty when we don’t see any progress. And we wonder why? It’s because life does not happen when we keep trying to force and push it to happen.  This is when creating resolutions can become a hindrance instead of a positive way to effectively change our world. It is always in the push and the constant doing that we get lost, frustrated and find ourselves further away from where we want to be. The power is in the present. To truly have a powerful impact on our lives let’s try a different approach, and simply surrender. To surrender does not mean we are giving up; in fact it is the opposite. It’s means we are trusting in life to bring into our lives, and bring out of our lives exactly what we need in every moment. If you are feeling the desire that day to go workout, then trust that feeling and workout. Surrendering to what is, honoring life in its completely whole form and knowing that everything that is meant for us will come when it is supposed to. I know it can be scary to let go, and trust in life. We are afraid that if we don’t “do” we might not get what we want. We all have accomplishments and ideas of how our life is meant to look in order for us to feel worthy, lovable and fulfilled. But feeling like we have to have anything in order to be these things is coming from a space of fear, afraid that we are not enough without them. But we already are all these things, without having to do anything. Life is not a testament to how great you can be; it’s enjoying and honoring how great you already are. Let your days become filled with what brings you happiness, and finding the joy in every moment. Knowing that life will be hard and there will be plenty of unknowns that bring you anxiety and fear. But this is also life leading you in a direction it knows that you need to go. I love the quote, “Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us.”

I have always felt I was being powerful and successful trying to control everything around me, but I realized that what I was really doing was controlling out of fear. Fear life wouldn’t look how I needed it to. But it’s a false sense of security. We can’t control where life takes us. But we can be mindful of how we approach it and see it. So for the New Year, feel the desired changes you want, but instead of creating another to do list to judge yourself upon, just let go! Surrender to life with a smile, trusting and knowing that you will be exactly where you are meant to be in every moment.

Happy New Year!

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