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By Esther Lynn Hemphill

There is a popular game show on television where contestants are asked to answer questions by selecting from a multiple-choice list. If a contestant is stumped, they are given three lifelines, three chances to reach out to someone else for help. One of those lifelines is to “phone a friend.” These contestants eagerly call a friend or family member, freely admitting that they don’t have a clue how to solve the problem, and eagerly accepting support and advice, even when that friend or family member is sheepishly declaring that they aren’t really sure of the answer!

Recently, I was pondering how this behavior mimics certain interactions in our personal lives, and yet, at the same time, is the complete opposite of how we handle other situations.

Sometimes it’s easy to reach out to others and admit that you need support. It could be help with a task, help with lack, the list goes on. However, there are moments when initiating that admission of need or lack is much more difficult. So, I’m challenging you.


Paradoxically when individuals are in greatest need is when they are least likely to ask for support. While the reasons for this are diverse, the bottom line is when others really need our help the most, they’re most likely to suffer alone. If we have awareness of these needs, perhaps we should be the one who picks up the phone first.


With technology, we can “like” a post and send a text to show someone we’re thinking of them. I do this, and I really appreciate the efficiency of these tools. However, they will never replace the emotional connection of a phone call. With our increasingly accelerated life styles, time is a precious asset. I can really relate to this one, because most days I’m in the fast lane juggling priorities and projects. However, quality time spent with a friend is a priceless moment.


God has placed many individuals in our lives, and a mutual blessing of these relationships is the ability for us to offer help, support, and comfort to one another. I’m guessing that as you’re reading this article, a name and a face is beginning to impress on your heart.


Make that call. You already know who needs to hear from you. You may actually have several calls that are long overdue. If things go as I expect they will, I’d love to hear testimony of how you brightened someone’s day. If you’re willing, please post a comment or story online with the hashtag #DivineActsOfKindness. We’ll share these testimonies with others as inspiration. I’ll close for now though, because I’ve got a few phone calls to make.

Esther Lynn Hemphill is CEO of Sharing Hands Network whose mission is focused on building “healthy and happy families, strong and engaged communities.”

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