Daddy’s Girl

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By Lauren Catanese

I’m not one for labels. But this one I’m sure to keep. Being my daddy’s girl has changed the world for me. I used to think he read a manual or was just born with all to know. Now that I am older, I’m even more grateful knowing it was more “learning as you go.” They say anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad. And if anyone could write a manual now, well of course, it could be my dad.

Daddys Girl

He gave us a safe space to explore while we were young. To go chase down unicorns, play barbies, or reach for the sun. The world was our playground, and we felt free to just be. And I couldn’t have felt so alive if my daddy didn’t create that foundation for me.

He gave me someone to talk to, when I couldn’t get it right. When life was tough, I wanted to give up, or needed the motivation to keep aspiring for more. It was knowing that no matter how hard I might fall, my daddy’s love would be there to catch me. It is what gave me the courage to even try and to take risks in life, having him there to always guide me.

He gave me the push in life when I really didn’t think I needed it. My stubbornness wanted to ignore and deny it, but his wisdom of life’s experiences couldn’t help but to shine through. And I am grateful he was always willing to help, not only the first, but second and third time, too.

He gave me the inspiration to love to live. To be optimistic, adventurous and to dream big. He taught me to trust in myself, to follow my heart. My determination to see an action through, was always all he needed to know that there is nothing I can’t do.

A daddy is a subtle understanding, a presence that’s in your life. It’s a confidence, a second chance, a foundation that stands the tests of time. I know I am lucky to have a daddy to be with through and through. All that can happen on this roller coaster in life, there is always something new. It is a blessing to have a great daddy that’s there to calm the storm and to keep inspiring you, to never doubt for a second that you won’t succeed in living life to the fullest and fulfill your destiny.

What makes a dad so great? It’s easy, not that hard. It takes someone who will love you for you and be there to remind you just how special you are. Someone to believe in you. And be your light when you’re lost in the dark. And that’s the greatest gift a dad could give, unconditional love for you and all that is.

Thanks Daddy, for always being there for me. No matter how old I might get, I will always be your girl.

Happy Daddy’s Day to all the great dads out there. And no matter where your dad might be, in spirit or down the road, celebrate wherever they are and what their life has meant to you!

You didn’t have to do it dad. All that you have always done. You didn’t have to do it, but you did. And that’s how being a dad is done.

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