Rockwell Tharp Ladies Boutique – Shares More Fashion Trends

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By Kristi Rockwell and Cameron Tharp 

How exciting!  We are so enthusiastic about fashion and due to an overwhelming response, Rockwell Tharp was asked to provide and continue an extended column on wonderful fashion trends for The Gulf Coast.

Photo 1 Rockwell Tharp 43
Coral and pink python modern cowboy boots designed by Rockwell Tharp, white pull on designer pants and one-of-a-kind vintage Gucci with custom designed braiding and strap.


Last month we covered some extremely popular trends that you can not miss:

  1. Pretty belle sleeves and statement sleeves are an absolute must.
  2. Dresses, tunics, boots and shoes with colorful embroidery and lots of it! Apparel with beautiful embroidery is an extremely popular right now.
  3. Tassels- tassel dresses, tassel earrings-basically, anything with tassels.
  4. Boots- And not just any boots-amazing, unique statement boots.  Try dressing from your boots or shoes and work up from there. One of the first things people take note of is your boots and shoes.

If you incorporate any of the above into your daily selections, you are off to a great start.  However, there are some other amazing trends that are lighting up the boutique right now. One of them are beautiful SPF sun block dresses with special moisture wicking and cooling technologies built into the fabrics.  These amazing dresses block the harmful UV sunlight. Additionally, they are mostly wrinkle free and travel very well.

Photo 2 Rockwell Img 3259
Artistic Hand Blown glass necklaces designed by a local artist using special glass developed by NASA.

Artistic, one-of-a-kind designs continue to be a huge hit.  Items you can’t find everywhere else.  Unique handmade and hand blown glass delicately crafted into beautiful jewelry pieces, such as necklaces and bracelets.  Particularly, items that have a story behind them and that aren’t mass produced are quite special.  Styles and designers that you can connect to, enjoy wearing and have meaning are invaluable.

Now, on to colors and prints.. This is always a fun one!  It’s nice to step outside the box and have some fun. So what are colors that are classy and exciting this year?  Red, yellow, pink, powder blue, colorful ombre mixtures and of course, nice classy white dresses are a must for living near the beach.  It’s really nice to have a dress that really stands out and is different than than what everyone else is wearing.  Go with unique designs that have bold, bright pops of color.

Animal Prints!  Technically, it’s not a color, but it might as well be.  Specifically, python, crocodile and leopard is a trend here to stay on apparel, boots and shoes.   Take a close look at python dresses, shirts and shorts, especially on silk textiles.

Made in Italy amazing new collection of python dresses.

At Rockwell Tharp, you will find exclusive sophistication and unique styles paired with a nice blend of island, beach, western and European styles.  It’s not about being all of one, but having an excellent harmonized blend of different styles that help you stand out and feel beautiful from the inside out.

Come experience the ultimate by shopping  us.  All are welcome here!  Most important- Find styles that are unique and interesting and consider your accessories when bringing it all together.  Artistic and stylish accessories can be just as important as your outfit. You can find it all at Rockwell Tharp Ladies Boutique.  Rockwell Tharp is located in Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort in the heart of The Village of Baytowne Wharf. II Cor 5:7

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