The Lotus Life: Juggle the Struggle

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The Lotus Life

Struggling happens maybe more times than one wants it to. Life turns into a circus act and one feels like the ringmaster in the spotlight expected to know how to run the show. And somehow, one forgot the act. Running on improvisational skills, one hopes they can provide the security needed to get through the motions and off the stage as quickly as possible. The struggle is real and somehow sneaks up. Is there an art to struggling gracefully? How can one keep up with the world, and one’s own balance at the same time? Life is the greatest teacher. And recently, it’s opened the heart to this truth. The reason for the struggle and the ringmaster act is because one has put himself there. All stress to juggle because they feel it’s what they are supposed to do. But is it?

If one takes the actions back to the root, and looks at why one is doing something, what’s the intention behind it? Are all struggling to put together a life that they feel they have to have because that is what those around say is worthy? Or are all intentionally moving forward on action steps created from the heart? A saying from a long time ago goes like this, “If you are struggling, you are not listening.” And that’s the truth. When all feel all alone, then it’s up to them to make life happen. They can’t let themselves down. They have officially bogged down their essence with years and years of judgements. They forget that they are never alone. That they are actually and at every moment co-creating with a universal flow that wants to help them. And they struggle because they try to do it all by themselves, and also because they are acting from a space of “have to” or “need to” or they are not lovable unless their lives look a certain way. Tired of juggling? Let the act go and listen. Inside of everyone, is a voice and a light, that is always there. Spend more time learning to hear what one’s heart, not anyone else’s, wants and needs. The guidance is there. One will feel the connection, peace, and all-knowing. Take the struggle out of one’s life as much as possible, and be the star to a new show, one where actions and intentions are aligned with the spirit. See how far one will go. How will one know if on a great path? There will be less struggle and more flow, and hopefully a few more smiles. Happy travels friends!

Visualization for connecting with your heart: Close your eyes. See or feel a bright star above your head. See the light fall from the star come into the top of your head and flow all the way to your heart. Breathe. And watch how with each breath the light gets bigger and bigger. What color is it? See that light grow and grow as you continue to breathe until it completely surrounds your entire body. Feel the openness inside your heart. From here you can extend the light out to cover your family, home, even grow to surround the entire earth. From your breath, you can send love to the entire world. All you have to do is close your eyes and the adventure begins.

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