Lotus Life: The Power of Forgiveness

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By Lauren Catanese

Lotus Life Power

Unforgiveness has a way of creeping up on us. One moment your energy is happy, joyful and at peace. Then someone comes around or a certain situation happens and the next thing you notice your mood has completely shifted. Your body might get tense, your smile disappears, and the defenses start to come up. You have been triggered; something in the outside world has illumined a part of you that needs healing. Healing that can only come from within. We can be triggered several times thoughout the day. The first step is being conscious that your mood has even shifted. And the best part is that you have the power to change it. Without having to understand on a deeper level we can begin to clear the energy with forgiveness. Forgiveness is not accepting or saying anyone’s actions against you are ok. Forgiveness has nothing to do with anyone else around. It’s only about yourself. The healing take place within.

A very powerful and healing tool that has come into my life over the years is called. Ho’oponopono. It is a Hawaiian tool for forgiveness. And its simple enough to do as many times as you feel you need to say it. It is four statements. “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you.” All you need to do is recite the words either to yourself or out loud. Saying them to God, the Divine, or your higher power; whichever words you prefer to use. Repeating the phrases while thinking about the situation or whomever has lightened the space that needs to heal. Saying it over and over until you feel the energy shift.

This tool is super powerful and can bring healing in many ways. It might not solve all your problems but it will clear away some of the heaviness and bring in clarity, so you make choices that are aligned with your highest-self. You will still have to do some work, but it’s part of the process and bridges the gap toward miracles. Carrying around deeper rooted feelings and emotions, some you don’t even realize are there until they’re “triggered,” keeps everyone around you on edge. Letting some of that go in a loving, gentle way, brings more peace and light into your life. A lightness you can feel. Give yourself some well-deserving peace and lighten your load. Allow the power of forgiveness to lead the way. Happy healing 😊

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