30A Songwriter  Radio Artist Spotlight: Cameron Slade Mitchell

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By Jasmine Carroll

With so many outstanding musicians in our quaint little town, one may start to believe there is something in the water that cultivates creativity in its locals. Cameron Slade Mitchell is certainly one of those locals.

Cameron Mitchell

While there is likely magic in our gulf waters, musical talent doesn’t come without years of practice. Cameron’s love for music was first awoken while he attended newly opened Butler Elementary school and studied music under Mary Hout. He went on to join the school band as a drummer  while attending Seaside Middle School in 2001, under the instruction of Sue Nicholson. By then music had a firm grip and Cameron continued on to Advanced Band and Jazz programs at Seaside Middle School. When high school came along, he dove head first into band and stayed there throughout his high school career. This is where the fun started. His parents bought him his first drum kit, which you’ll still see him playing to this day.

As high school goes he met more and morw  musicians and began dabbling in rock. Bruce Asburn, who recently passed, was a huge influence in Cameron taking the jump from orchestral drums to the more informal, (and arguably more fun) drum kit.He also played on and off with locals Christian Mayes and Scott Shovea. This musical friendship has stood the test of time. 14 years since first playing together and Cameron, Christian and Scott are still playing music together. After high school, Cameron continued to playdrums. He was able to land a gig here and there with a few bands. Chronic Jester was one he could be found keeping a beat with most often. As musicians often do, he began trying his hand at other instruments. Cameron says “Somewhere in there, as the story goes, I was tinkering with a guitar, and it was snatched away by the owner of the guitar and I was told, “No. You play drums, not guitar. Stick to drums.” So, alhough slightly little rooted in spite, I began to learn guitar and began to really enjoy it.”

When the planets align and Cameron doesn’t have a gig on a Tuesday night, you can find him at 30a Songwriter Radio performing originals and rock favorites with a guitar in hand. It is open mics like out at the 30A Songwriter Cafe andothers like the Funky Blues Shack that lead him to make connections with many more local musicians, landing him in various projects with Nick Turner. The combination of years of formal training, undying passion and his charming personality, Cameron is in high demand. Right now he can be found playing with MÆZ, Lucky Strike Retros, Rust and Gold, RoshamBeatles and QWERTY. Cameron Slade Mitchell is definitely one to keep an eye on.

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