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Podcasting – It’s a hot term right now. audio and video versions have evolved into juggernauts. So what is a podcast? A podcast, whether just audio, or video, is a series of episodes on a particular topic or niche, of interest to a specific audience.

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More recently, there has been an explosion of video podcasts, from existing audio podcasters adding cameras, to newer podcasters starting out with video, and then distributing the audio to other platforms. While Spotify and iTunes have large numbers of podcasts to listen to, YouTube is poised to be the largest podcasting venue, based on the shift in the content delivery.

Through video podcasts, businesses both large and small can advertise their wares and services in a modern, cost-effective way. It can mean a big payoff. Being heard as an expert in your field helps build customer trust and visibility when the time comes to purchase.

One such local business podcasting in a big way is The Bean Team. Led by Charles Musgrove, their podcasting has covered a myriad of topics important to small businesses. With guest hosts and subject matter from corporation formations to tackling online reviews, this podcast is a wealth of information. Their podcasts can now be seen on their own 30ATV sub channel called Business Matters, available at www.30a.tv.

So how do podcasters keep fans coming back for more?

According to Wistia in 2018, PR Week reported that Home Depot, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, and Jack Daniels were among well-known brands developing podcast strategies to appeal to niche audiences. Home Depot created “Give Me an H” to give listeners (potential job-seekers) a peek inside the retailer’s culture, and Trader Joe’s ”Inside Trader Joe’s” had their employees answer questions from the grocery store chain’s biggest fans. Joe Rogan’s YouTube podcast gets millions of views per episode, totaling over 1.6 billion since 2015.

For businesses thinking about creating a video series to help build their brands and grow their audiences, it is more simple than it sounds. Take many of the lessons podcasters have learned about growing a dedicated fanbase and apply those same principles to creating branded videos for businesses.

But guess what? Even the big guys aren’t spending a ton on equipment. All you need is a good quality webcam and microphone, and you can start tomorrow.

About 30A Media:

30A TV broadcasts seven live channels of original programming, including Outdoors, Real Estate, Celebrity Interviews, Music videos, and Comedy. Available via iTunes, Android, ROKU – Amazon Fire TV Stick, and at www.30a.tv.

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