Bud & Alley’s in Seaside New Building Photos

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Bud & Alley’s is open and serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our beloved Seaside gulf front restaurant is undergoing expansion with new kitchen, elevator and stair tower, and expanded rooftop decks and indoor space.

Owner Dave Rauschkolb wrote in 2017:

I am extremely pleased to announce that I have just completed the purchase of the Bud & Alley’s property. Much thanks to Robert and Daryl Davis for giving me the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the Town of Seaside this past 31 years … the Bud & Alley’s enhancement project that will combine Pizza and Taco Bar into one building that will connect to the existing Bud & Alley’s operation. We will add 850sf to the roof deck, and elevator and bathrooms to service the roof deck.

This is all so exciting. Thanks to everyone who have supported all of us at Bud & Alley’s all these years.

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