Seeing the Good in the “Muck” of Life

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By Sue Gambla

So today I wasn’t paying attention. I had other things on my mind and even though the nice police officer flashed his lights at me to remind me to slow down, I continued on my sweet way. Well red flashing lights in your rear view mirror will make you pay attention real quick. As I’m waiting and getting nervous for his slow walk to my car, I’m still wondering why he pulled me over. Speeding. Ok, I must admit to a heavy foot (not going to lie) but I Always pay attentio- especially in the school zones- but not today. I’m shaking when the nice officer ( yes he was nice) asked for my information and I told the officcer never get pulled over and that I have a very good driving record. I’m thinking maybe he’ll give me a break and save my perfect record!. Well, the nice officer isn’t buying what I’m selling, and hands me my ticket. Now, this isn’t just a ticket, it’s a small car payment !!

“WOW, I’m thinking what is my darling husband going to say when I get home and tell him what happened. His answer to me by surprise. “Be grateful,” he said, reminding me there wasn’t an accident and no one was hurt, it’s just a reminder to pay more attention.
What a good way to look at what I thought was a bad situation.

So a short time after the ticket incident, I learned of a friend whose dog had passed away. Then, she found out her dad has cancer. A hard working woman putting in long hours.

I heard someone say after Hurricane Michael, many hit hard by the storm started walking with their faces down. They stopped looking at the broken trees, the storm debri and huge reconstruction project ahead. With heads down, they focused on the sweetest tiny purple flowers growing amid the weeds. A beacon of hope in the midst of utter destruction.

And I’m worried about a speeding ticket.

It’s not always easy to see the good in the sticky, nasty, muck of life. And yet, like the beautiful flower shining through the weeds, if we can live with our heads down in gratitude and humility and ask not “Why me?” but ”What is the lesson to be learned?” we will see beauty rising above the difficult circumstances we face.

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