Message From The Coastal Dune Lake Advisory Board

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The Coastal Dune Lakes are an integral part of our South Walton lifestyle. Walton County and its citizens long ago recognized the importance of protecting these natural resources that are found only in a few places in the world. The Coastal Dune Lake Advisory Board is a County Volunteer Board made up of seven (7) residents of Walton County.  The Advisory Board is responsible for monitoring the coastal dune lakes and activities that effect the environmental conservation of the lakes and their surrounding watersheds. The mission of the Advisory Board is to promote the protection, health, and environmental wellbeing of Walton County’s globally rare and imperiled Coastal Dune Lakes and to provide sound recommendation to the Walton County Board of County Commissioners.  We as an Advisory Board hope that you will join us in protecting the lakes. You can learn more about what the board does, when we meet and how you can participate at:

Millions of visitors’ flock to South Walton each year to enjoy our beautiful beaches and sunny skies. On one of those visits they are sure to come upon one of our rare coastal dune lakes. Be it riding over a bridge and catching a glimpse of the Gulf just beyond an outfall or sitting along the beach while their children wade in the dark tannin waters right where they flirt with the Gulf’s emerald hues. On rare occasion do they witness one of these lakes burst open into the Gulf. This is an experience few forget, and few understand. Many of said visitors will ask a local about the “lagoons” they see along the beach, asking where do they come from, what is feeding this waterflow? Is this water DIRTY! The dark color is like tea, steeped from the roots systems of plant life in their watersheds. These waters allow for many fun activities including boating, fishing, paddle boarding, and kayaking.  The beauty of these lakes has been depicted in photos, books, paintings and even a movie. This fascination has long been, and hopefully will forever be among locals and visitors alike.

If you have questions or would like more information on the coastal dune lakes or the Coastal Dune Lake Advisory Board contact Melinda Gates, Walton County Environmental Coordinator, (850)892-8108 or

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