Resume-Shredding-Robot Is One of Many Hurdles Facing Job Seekers

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visit and enter promo code: 30ATV. Intry.Careers (Intry) today announces a tool to help the growing unemployment population navigate through the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) systems that eliminate 75% of job applications before they reach human eyes. “Research shows that about 75% of applications never make it to the hiring manager,” said Intry CEO Jennifer Sethre. “Our members average 45 days from resume to interview by getting past ATS systems.” The core problem with applying for jobs in this digital, work-from-home world is the invisible resume thief that blocks hiring managers from seeing qualified candidates. Most job applicants don’t realize that adding the wrong type of bullet, font, or line to their resume often triggers robot ATS systems to automatically reject a person’s application from human view. Intry developed software to beat ATS systems. Job seekers now have the ability – in minutes – to easily transfer keywords from the job description into their resume and profile. This gives job seekers the ability to create a custom resume for each and every job they apply to. New members can enjoy 10% off their first month by activating their account at and entering promo code: 30ATV. For Further Information: Michael Morrison Public Relations Counsel Smooth Speak LLC (850) 745-4321


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